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Sustainable business travel

Now that many pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted, business travel is once again possible – but what about sustainability?

A pcw survey found that around two-thirds of the companies surveyed will carry out fewer business trips overall in 2022, despite easier conditions. The reason: awareness of our environment continues to grow and people are realizing how much, especially air travel, pollutes the climate.

Of course, you can try to avoid business trips altogether, but this is not realistic, because sometimes they are simply necessary.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to make these trips at least a little more sustainable
➞ Choosing the right means of transport: Train travel does the least harm to the environment, but flights can also cause fewer emissions than long car journeys, for example.
➞ The right accommodation: The number of sustainable and socially responsible hotels is increasing. They can be recognized by certified environmental seals, such as the Green Globe or the DEHOGA sustainability certification.
➞ The right behavior: You can also conserve resources when traveling by, for example, turning off the air conditioning and lights when you leave your room, using towels more than once, or taking public transportation instead of a cab.

Of course, each of us has our own responsibility here, but companies can also contribute to greater environmental friendliness by establishing guidelines for sustainable travel.

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