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Full commitment instead of empty promises.

We know that exceptional people exist. We either kow them or find them and only suggest candidates who have the right skills and values. After all, there should not be many conversations, but the right ones. We prefer to choose honest words rather than beautiful ones. Those are the only things that will really move you forward.



Personal and direct contact

Honest recommendations, honest feedback

Time saving due to professional preselection

Experienced scouts with large talent network


Finding talent in five steps:


We actively look for suitable talent.


We initiate the application process and conduct an initial and in-depth interview.


Once we see a good match, do we beat the candidate to the company.


Applicants:in and companies get to know each other know We accompany the conversation.


When it fits, it fits. If not, Scout4Skills gives feedback to both parties and we continue the search.



If we're going to shuffle resumes back and forth, we may just as well do it successfully.

Finding specialists is our specialty. Especially when it comes to talent from the Engineering, IT or Construction Industries. Our recruiters search nationwide, the entire European area and third countries for the best candidates.

Who’s a good match? To find out, we use a scientifically based selection process as well as out people skills. Only when we have complete confidence in the candidate, you will hear back from us.

Recruiting - We support you,

because we specialize in engineering & IT professionals.

because we think globally and search throughout Germany as well as the entire European area and third countries.

because our professional pre-selection saves you time and money.

because hard- and soft skills are analyzed by scientifically based selection processes.

and unburden your personnel department.



We place people where they are at their best.

When you are searching for people internationally, you not only get better matches, but it often includes plenty of bureaucracy. We know you have more important things to do. Therefore, Scout4Skills can take over the complete relocation process for you. We will take care of all the nitty-gritty that applicants from other European countries or third countries must fulfil:

To ensure that everything is done quickly, we work closely with a law firm specializing in immigration and migration law as well as a tax consultant.

Acceptance by Foreign Office

Once this has been achieved, there are usually many more official procedures to be completed and the applicant’s accommodation must also be arranged. Anyone who has ever looked for an apartment in this country knows that contacts are half the battle. If these contacts do not exist, the search for an apartment becomes a time-consuming undertaking. We are sure that you know how to use your time better. Therefore we, would like to take over the complete relocation process from you. To ensure that everything is done quickly, we work closely with a law firm specializing in immigration and migration law, as well as a tax consultant.

Relocation - We support you,

whether it is a visa, work or verification of your study course. We take care of everything.

with communication with inland departments & authorities.

on arrival including shuttle service.

with your search for housing.

by clarifying health insurance- and tax matters.

with all other matters outside your professional life.

with clarifying family reunification and obtaining German citizenship.


Management development
& Integration support

There are born leaders. But not everyone is born a leader. We offer targeted coaching and consulting for people in leading positions be it to improve internal processes or in dealing with international teams. Only those who understand employees from different cultures and who integrate and promote them in a targeted manner enable them to show their full potential.

Leadership development/ integration support - We support you with

posting job advertisements in EU and third countries.

the selection of applicants.

the completion of formalities such as: Visa, work permit, apartment …

the onboarding in your company.


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On our Scout4Skills ‘For applicants’ page you will find attractive job offers from the automotive, consulting, automation, electronic, engineering, environmental technology, and IT sectors. Alternatively, you can send us an unsolicited application or contact us directly.