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Sustainability in the home office

In addition to more flexibility for the employee, home office also brings another major advantage: fewer emissions on the way to and in the office!

On the other hand, however, employees will then have to face higher consumption, which will have to be examined in detail in the future – especially from the point of view of sustainability.

Homeoffice mit Laptop

Particularly when companies want to look at new-work concepts, they should first ask themselves whether digital tools can reduce the use of resources. Documents and administrative processes can be handled digitally for the most part, which not only saves paper, but also a lot of time.

Next, of course, you should also address the question of whether it is possible to make employees an offer for the use of climate-friendly electricity and whether they have so far developed any awareness at all for the mindful use of their end devices.

Finally, the question of how IT processes and tools can be aligned to be climate-friendly and whether it is possible to limit the use of data centers, for example, should also be clarified.

In order to address the existing uncertainties in a targeted manner, continuous training and education on the topic of sustainability is required – not only in the professional environment.

How is it in your company, do you deal with climate-friendly solutions, also in the home office?

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