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Diversity in the workplace

Many Germans want more diversity in the workplace!

The result of a Randstad survey shows that for 35% of employees, diversity and inclusion are important factors when looking for an employer. Nevertheless, some also view the changes as critical, especially women, as more than 61% of corporate workers are still male, while only about one percent are diverse.

Diversity on the job is not limited to gender identities, however, but includes so many other important factors, such as religion, education, culture, age, and health status. The latter is still often a major barrier because, while many companies provide unrestricted access to their offerings, they employ few if any employees with physical or mental disabilities.

One thing is certain: Diversity in the world of work has many advantages, not only for the employee, but also for the worker. Opening up new markets through different cultures, increased productivity and strong cohesion within the team are just some of them.

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