Sustainable business travel

Now that many pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted, business travel is once again possible – but what about sustainability? A pcw survey found that around two-thirds of the companies surveyed will carry out fewer business trips overall in 2022, despite easier conditions. The reason: awareness of our environment continues to grow and people are realizing […]

Sustainability in the home office

Homeoffice mit Laptop

In addition to more flexibility for the employee, home office also brings another major advantage: fewer emissions on the way to and in the office! On the other hand, however, employees will then have to face higher consumption, which will have to be examined in detail in the future – especially from the point of […]

Influence negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are not only annoying, but also real energy guzzlers and the cause of blockages at work. Negative beliefs are views about yourself or the world that prevent you from doing what is necessary to achieve your goals. So success is not only a matter of hard work, but also of attitude and mindset. […]

Diversity in the workplace

Many Germans want more diversity in the workplace! The result of a Randstad survey shows that for 35% of employees, diversity and inclusion are important factors when looking for an employer. Nevertheless, some also view the changes as critical, especially women, as more than 61% of corporate workers are still male, while only about one […]